The Cleanse

The Cleanse

When writer/director Bobby Miller asked if I could design and animate a few fake web pages to later be composited into his new movie The Cleanse, I suggested instead delivering an on-camera prop: a laptop running its own web server compete with fictional websites that could be interacted with in realtime.

The result was a laptop that actor Johnny Galecki could actually use on-camera, complete with unique fictional urls, search results and pop-up banner ads. I even ensured that the site designs could be easily updated remotely using Google Drive, something that came in handy when the legal team came back with changes to my fictional search results.

I had fun making this little prop and love that the camera was able to shoot actual pixels. If you’re a fan of unconventional comedy horror films featuring practical creature effects, check out The Cleanse!

Studio: New Field Pictures
Director: Bobby Miller

My Roles:

Prop Design Site Design Custom Server Configuration
the-cleanse-results the-cleanse-popups